Space Launch Kit & Accessories.

Want to conduct your own near-space launch? We’ve got (almost) everything you’ll need, right here. Check out our specially designed kits below, head to the tutorials section to get the fine details on doing it yourself, or visit our store for more equipment and spare parts.

Launch Kit

The only thing better than the excitement of knowing you’ve sent something to space is the satisfaction of holding it in your hands when it returns.

To make that happen, our launch kit has a balloon, space box, parachute, radar reflector, cord, launch pad and filling hose. Just what you need to cross the boundary of near space!

Launch Kit Plus

Need to get higher?

Want to carry a heavier payload?

Or just unwilling to settle for less than the best? With our Launch Kit Plus, you get a larger balloon for greater gas carrying capacity, giving you more space to get exactly the launch you want.

Launch Kit Lite

We believe in bringing the wonder of space a little closer for everyone.

Our Launch Kit Lite is perfect for first timers and tighter budgets – just the essentials, no complications, all the excitement.