Do I need to get permission to launch a balloon?

Yes! Make sure you follow the unmanned balloon regulations for whatever country you're launching from. In the UK it’s the CAA, who require a month's notice of your flight. Visit our tutorial section on launch preparation for more information.

Do you sell helium?

No. Unfortunately the logistics of moving gas around would make it too expensive for us to do. It's reasonably easy to source most places, if you're having trouble in your specific country, drop us an email at info@sentintospace.com and we’ll do our best to help.

Do kits include a camera?

No. Most people seem to like to use whatever video camera they already have, so to keep costs down we don't include one.

Which camera would you recommend?

If you have the budget, there’s are few cameras better for near space shooting than the GoPro range. If you're thinking of using a GoPro Hero3 or Hero4, try to get hold of the battery backpack to boost battery life!

Have you ever lost a payload?

Fortunately, no! We've always been careful to follow procedures which minimise the risk and run many, many simulations before we're ready to launch. The more you know about your equipment and the process before you start planning, the better your chances of getting everything right on the day.

Do the locators work out of the box?

Both the GSM and the Satellite locator require a subscription to use. For more information about which locator you should use, visit our tutorial on tracking your payload.