Corporate Projects

Each and every launch is unique. Our team of experts will arrange everything to deliver you spectacular images and footage from near space including all of the clearances, insurance and equipment required. For each launch, we construct a bespoke payload to capture just the right shots to meet your requirements. With campaigns regularly achieving tens of millions of organic views and thousands of engagements, whatever the challenge, we deliver.

Images & Video

The Earth, hanging in the inky blackness of space, encircled by the thin blue line of our atmosphere. Front and centre: your brand.

If you want to leave an impression on your customers and clients, blow them out of this world with high quality video up to 4K and beautiful still imagery of our home planet from above.

Need suggestions? We’re happy to help.

360° VIDEO

One small step in technology, one giant leap in impact.

Our 360° camera rig is custom-designed and built to film 4K resolution immersive video in the harshest conditions of near-space.

You won’t see footage like this anywhere else. It’s the closest you’ll get to being in space without ever leaving the ground.

Live Launching

Make an immediate and lasting connection with your audience by engaging them right here, right now.

Broadcast live images from space over social media.

Reward your fans with the scavenger hunt of a lifetime.

Stream breathtaking footage over stratospheric distances in real time.

Team Building

Fed up of icebreaker exercises and building towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows?

Challenge your team to come together and conduct their very own near-space launch.

We’ll provide all the materials and guidance to bring your staff together on the ultimate cooperative adventure.

A few of the brands we have worked with
What our customers say

Great professionalism and commitment from the team to deliver an amazing activation for Xbox, Halo 5:Guardians and our fans.

We worked with Sent into space for our TV stunt campaign “World Science Day” where we were sending the Discovery Science logo into space. The team immediately put us at ease with the complexities of the project and their meticulous planning and great insight made the project run smoothly, especially when we had problems with the weather the team was at hand to source other alternatives into delivering this project. The teams had a friendly attitude and used good initiatives which made the project not only easier but also very fun, will definitely be working with again

Thank you so much I am so pleased with the outcome, thank you to your team for everything. It is a fantastic concept and visually spectacular which I was blown away by and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to use you guys

Our entire company loved and were amazed by the footage that came back. The free pr (magazine articles, online publications etc) we received would have paid for the campaign alone. Social media traction was the most out of any of our online campaigns to date due to the very unusual nature of the launch and we had customers call us for permission to retweet and post to their own company Facebook pages, a first for ACT