About Us

Mission Statement

The global experts in Near Space, applying cutting-edge research
and innovation to create inspiring experiences.

Our Story

 In 2010, while completing their PhDs in Engineering at the University of Sheffield, 
Alex Baker and Chris Rose challenged themselves to take a picture of the Earth from 
the edge of space.

The story of their balloon flight and the subsequent imagery captured the public imagination and they were inundated with requests for them to conduct launches, for schools, businesses and research establishments. The following year Sent Into Space was established as a trading name and launches began in earnest.

Still based in Sheffield, the company has grown rapidly and now encompasses a research arm with ties to multiple universities and the UK Space Agency, a nationally acclaimed educational program, a suite of corporate marketing and publicity services, a range of do-it-yourself kits and a stratospheric memorial service for scattering ashes available in hundreds of funeral homes across the UK and beyond.

Our Team

Dr. Chris Rose


Chris completed his PhD at the University of Sheffield studying the nano-manipulation of particles. An expert in microscopy, involved in many published studies in high altitude astro-biology, he co-founded Sent Into Space with Alex Baker in 2011.

Dr. Alex Baker


Co-founder of Sent Into Space, Alex completed his Engineering PhD at the University of Sheffield studying abrasive particles. As an expert in both technical development and visual production Alex is able to combine two passions in the world of Near-Space exploration.

Professor Milton Wainwright

Associate Consultant

Milton is a British microbiologist who graduated from the University of Nottingham in botany and obtained a PhD in mycology and soil microbiology. He then studied in Canada researching aspects of environmental microbiology. He was made a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (FRAS) in 2014, and a Distinguished Fellow of the Institute for the Study of Panspermia and Astroeconomics in 2015. He has worked with the Sent Into Space team since 2012.

Jack Bryan

Design Engineer

Jack completed his MscEng in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield. He specializes in novel additive manufacturing techniques for both plastics and metals. Involved with electronic and communication engineering societies. He started at Sent Into Space in May of 2017.

Jordan Stimely

Software Developer

With a good 7 years of programming experience under his belt, Jordan springs to life in front of a command line. Working closely with the engineering team, he is responsible for distributing various pieces of written software and microelectronics and most importantly maintaining the tracking systems.

Daniel Blaney

Operations Manager

Dan returned to his home city of Sheffield and joined the team in 2016 following completion of his MSc in Wales. With experience in fields as varied as sport and IT, and a long background managing events and development projects at University, Dan keeps the Sent Into Space machine well oiled and the team ready to launch.

Richard Beech

Launch Controller

Born and raised in Sheffield, Richard joined the Sent Into Space team in September 2017. His practical and creative ability enable him to construct each payload to our clients' exacting standards. Richard is involved in all aspects of planning and delivering a successful launch.

Alex Keen

Head of Communications

Alex honed his problem-solving and creative talents running projects for the Home Office and working in the media before joining the Sent Into Space team in 2016. From blog posts to funding applications to website redesigns, Alex is involved in everything the company does which requires an analytical eye and a sharp wit.

Matt Lanning

Lead Creative

The creative cog in the Sent Into Space machine, Matt joined the team after completing his Visual Communication Bachelors in Birmingham. Space has always been a driving force for his inspiration and creative methodology.

Tom Rogers

Creative Apprentice

Creativity is at the forefront of Tom's mind. With a strong background in commercial photography and a sharp business mind as a result, Tom aims to deliver creative and sustainable ideas to Sent Into Space with a focus on Virtual Reality alongside other exciting projects.