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Last year for April Fool's Day, we launched Jameson's limited edition Space-Aged Whiskey. Obviously, this was a light-hearted prank (although we did really send up several cases of whiskey which went to some of the world's leading cocktail bars).

This year, the truth is stranger than fiction: we teamed up with the Robin Cancer Trust to send a pair of testicles into space.

Yes, really.

If you're wondering why we've done such a silly thing, it's all in aid of a rather more serious cause - fighting testicular cancer. April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and it's an important cause to all of us at Sent Into Space, even those of us who don't have testicles of our own.

Did you know that testicular cancer is the leading cancer among men aged 15-45? While it's curable in over 98% of cases when caught early, it can be deadly if left untreated. Thankfully, the process of checking yourself over is really simple; check out the Robin Cancer Trust's handy info page and sign up for text alerts to remind you to cop a monthly feel.

The nuts launched are actually demonstration balls, used by the Trust to teach men how to inspect themselves for signs of testicular cancer. can check out the Trust's video here, along with our quick edit showing some more of the flight itself. Have a great April Fool's Day, but don't be a fool - check your tools!

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