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Satellite tracking gives some great additional features to SMS based tracking. Although it costs a little more and needs a subscription, there are a whole host of great things it brings to your launch such as automatic positioning information and a flight map. What’s more there is a handy app that will show you the position of your device in real time whenever it is below approximately 15km.

Once you’ve got your subscription sorted out, you can activate your device here:


You’ll need both the ESN and AUTH code. The AUTH code is found on the Start-up guide in the box and also in the battery compartment of the unit.

Once you have your account set up, go ahead and log in.

Click on My Devices. Here you can add devices, upgrade your service package and change settings. Some settings will require an update using the SPOT Device Updater. To do this:

  1. Have your SPOT Trace and USB cable with you
  2. Click on the pop-up on the page when you have selected a reconfiguration applicable feature change
  3. Download the SPOT Device Updater
  4. Open the program and enter in your authorization code located at the bottom of the Quick Start Guide (included in box) and inside the battery compartment
  5. Click the update button in the program
  6. Refresh your account settings

Once turned on, the device itself may require a few minutes to obtain satellite signal outside in a clear space. Make sure that the side with the SPOT logo on is pointing up to the sky. Once working, the unit will send messages with coordinates to your account which can be viewed in the My Locations tab. Further to this there is an app which collects these locations. The SPOT App will display the gathered coordinates automatically on a map on your smartphone (requires internet connection). If you tap on one of the locations it will show you the position of that message.

spot map

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