Calculators - Predicting

Here’s a quick look at some of the tools available to predict where the balloon will land. If you're curious to see what the wind is doing in the world right now, click here For flight prediction, click here This flight prediction site collects wind data to let you predict where your payload will land based on how high it goes, how fast it gets there and when you want to launch (up to 180hrs before) prediction full map The data you enter depends on a few things such as how big your balloon is, how much your payload weighs and how much gas you’re going to use. Use the calculator here. The less gas used for a given balloon and payload, the higher it will go, but the more slowly it will get there. This can lead to problems with the payload travelling a long way. We normally try to aim for an ascent rate of 5m/s which gives us a good balance between maximum altitude and how far the balloon will travel. Things to note:
  • Predictions get more accurate the closer to the launch they are made
  • Don’t launch if it looks like your payload will land in an urban area or in the sea
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