Parts / Assembly - Payload construction

In this section we’ll give you advice and direction on how to make a suitable payload for your launch. Everything you need is available in the shop and if you need any more detailed advice on anything get yourself over to our forum and fire away with any questions.


  • To protect and transport internal components
  • To ensure internal components are fixed and secure
  • To thermally insulate items and electronics
  • To remain satisfactorily waterproof without compromising camera vision


The above video takes you through the process of payload building which should give you a good overview of what to do. Point by point below. Remember, payload construction does not need to be followed to the letter, it’s whatever works for you. If you are planning on sending up personal items or specific cargo then the dimensions and layout of items will largely be dictated by this feature. So be creative how things pan out, of course if you want to copy us then go right ahead. Step 1: create your base layout Step 2: Define wall thickness and construct layers Step 3: Secure items and ensure lid fits Step 4: Prepare parachute tethers and bind with tape


  • Camera lens view not obstructed
Buttons not being accidentally pushed
Everything secure (including upside down)
Try to put tracker somewhere sensible (above anything that might block GPS signal)
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