Here are some answers to common questions.If there is anything you think is missing or you need further help, try asking in the SentIntoSpace forum The most common and important question: Q\: Do I need to get launch clearance? A\: Yes! Make sure you follow the unmanned balloon regulations for whatever country you're launching from. In the UK its the CAA who require a month's notice of your flight (see Helpful Stuff). For other country legalities, try asking in the forum. Some things are covered in a specific tutorial. Here is a list of what is covered: How to know where the payload will land Flight predicting How much gas to put in the balloon Burst calculator How to string up a parachute for automatic opening Parachute How to build a payload from space foam Payload construction How to use our GPS locators Tracking How to gather data from your flight Black box How to fill the balloon Balloon filling Some things not covered but frequently asked: Q\: Do you sell helium? A\: No. Unfortunately the logistics of moving gas around would make it too expensive for us to do. It's reasonably easy to source most places, if you're having trouble in your specific country, ask in the forum for some advice. Q\: Do kits include a camera? A\: No. Most people seem to like to use whatever video camera they already have, so to keep costs down we don't include one. Q\: Which camera would you recommend? A\: We've had good experiences with a Kodak Playsport on the cheaper end and with GoPros. If you're thinking of using a GoPro, try to get hold of the battery bacpac to boost battery life! Q\: Have you ever lost a payload? A\: Fortunately not! We've always been careful to follow procedures which minimise the risk and run many many simulations before we're ready to launch. Q\: Does a locator come with a SIM card? A\: No. Prepaid SIMS are usually pretty cheap to get hold of. We recommend topping up with enough credit to send at least 50 txts, but always best to be on the safe side.