Continued Evidence for a Space Origin

We’ve just had another article published on our work relating to finding biological particles in the stratosphere with professor Milton Wainwright at the University of Sheffield. You can see the full paper published in Astrobiology Outreach here:

Here, we provide images of a variety of biological entities which we have sampled from the stratosphere at heights of between 23-27Km. The biological entities (BE) have unusual morphology and are generally not representatives of known terrestrial organisms. Analysis using EDX shows that all of the BEs contain only C and O and are not associated on the sampling stubs with pollen, grass or other terrestrial organisms. Images are provided of  some of the biological entities which were sampled from our first and third successful  sampling trips, a second trip isolated inorganic micrometeorites, but not biological entities. We conclude that the evidence points to a space origin for these stratosphere-derived biological entities.

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