Space Tourism

“Within the next few years, thousands of people will have been to Space” Richard Branson claims in an interview on his Virgin Galactic tours. Back up and running, Virgin Galactic have had their first successful flight test since the fatal crash of 2014.

Branson reckons that further development in science and technology will mean that space flights will soon be a more affordable prospect for the masses and not just the rich and famous. The list of celebrities that have been rumoured to have tickets to the first Virgin Galactic flight include Leonardo Dicaprio, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Tom Hanks and Lady Gaga. Tickets cost around $250,000!

Another space flight company that are also looking to launch into space tourism include front runners such as Blue Origin.

With Blue Origin flights, passengers can expect to be launched into the second highest layer of the Earth’s atmosphere, the Thermosphere, over 100km above the Earth. At this point the capsulse will release from its booster and begin to free fall at a force of over 5 Gs, giving the passengers a sense of weightlessness in Space. Once the parachutes deploy and thrusters are fired to reduce your speed, the capsulse will return to Earth. blue origin

Blue Origin have already conducted four successful test flights so far and wish to launch their first Space flight in 2018! So maybe, just maybe Branson is right when he says “Private Space travel is the future”

Just in case, we may start saving our pennies now…


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