In the sky with diamonds

Exciting news on a scavenger hunt with a difference! One of our kits has been used to send a diamond – (yes a real one) up into the stratosphere and on landing will be finders keepers!

diamond launch

The diamond worth a cool £12,000 was sent up by 77 Diamonds and predictions from the launch day say it’s somewhere near the village of Lea in Lincolnshire.

Our top tips for would be treasure hunters? The predictions are normally accurate between a 5 and 10 miles radius. It’s not been found yet so chances are it’s in a field away from a main path or road. This would make it tricky but if you’re a farmer in the area it might just be worth having a stroll round your fields.. you never know!

As you can imagine, this story has hit the media pretty strongly – reports all over the place including these:

Daily Mail
ITV News

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