Full Wolf Moon

Last night saw the brightest Wolf moon in as long as eight years, you may have seen it glowing brightly in the night sky yesterday. The name derives from the Native American and Colonial times when hungry wolves would howl outside villages.

Here are some images taken from around the world!

anthony heflinAnthony Heflin from the US took this impressive photograph of the moon ring through the trees on a camping trip.


Here is the moon rising in Madrid taken by Anna Lewis


The Wolf Moon over the Smith Tower in Seattle

wolf moon

Here the Wolf Moon is peaking over Mount Baker in Washington by Roy Murdock Photography

According to some Christian groups and paranormal theorists, the appearance of the Wolf Moon a day before Friday the 13th, along with the brightly shining planet Venus being visible on a clear evening, could signify the end of the world! Here’s hoping we experience no apocalypse this weekend…

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