GPS Locator

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Our locators are the backbone of near space flight. Developed to re-unite you with your payload through gps positioning and mobile phone networks. Communicates directly with your mobile phone to tell you where the payload is. Accurate positioning to within 5m and designed to withstand the near space environment and return safely. With an extra long battery life (around 80hrs!) to give you time to find your craft these trackers are perfectly suited for near space missions.
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PLEASE NOTE: The SMS locators operate over the GSM network, also known as 2G. This service is being depreciated in certain countries, notably Australia, Canada and the USA, where it is now only available from some network providers. If you're not sure which network to use in your country, please get in touch with us on the Forum or by email at

Extra things you will need: PAYG sim card (pre-loaded with credit)

We recommend using two of these trackers:

It's all to do with mobile phone networks. Whilst two trackers aren't absolutely necessary for the majority of flights, it's impossible to guarantee the coverage of mobile phone networks at the landing site. Since the phone networks are restricted to low altitudes, the trackers will return a position only whilst the payload is under that ceiling (often as low as 1000m). In order to be sure that there is coverage where the payload lands, we recommend using two trackers on different networks.


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