Launch Kit (advanced)

For the highest flights and the heaviest payloads, this kit contains the things you'll need for a very special near space experience!

Kit contains:

  • Extra large balloon (2000g)
  • Locator (choose from list)
    • Satellite Locator (requires quick and easy subscription) + SMS Locator
    • 2 x SMS Locator (no subscription required)
  • space box
  • parachute
  • radar reflector
  • cord
  • launch pad
  • hose

PLEASE NOTE: The SMS locators operate over the GSM network, also known as 2G. This service is being depreciated in certain countries, notably Australia, Canada and the USA, where it is now only available from some network providers. If you're not sure which network to use in your country, please get in touch with us on the Forum or by email at

from £320.00

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