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At the time of the first launch, Alex and Chris were both studying for PhDs in mechanical engineering at the University of Sheffield. Although not related to their studies, the University were suitably impressed and so set out a press release.

The next few months were a blur of emails and interviews, TV appearances, newspaper columns both national and international. The appeal of the footage was universal reaching around the world, from the New York Times to double page spreads in Ukrainian magazines, live TV and radio appearances to presenting at the Royal Astronomical Society’s national annual meeting. The pair were even awarded a “Global Prize for Creativity” by Nobel Prize winner Sir Harry Kroto.

media coverage

The requests for details about how people could get involved themselves were overwhelming. Not satisfied with just offering up trackers that barely worked and foam from a bin that barely insulated, it was decided that some development would take place to help share the experience of near space exploration with everyone.

Thus, SentIntoSpace was formed.