Why send an egg to space?

Back in March, we got involved in the launch of the Sheffield branch of Barclay’s Eagle labs project. We met some fantastic people in the Sheffield engineering scene and got a big boost to our 3D printing capabilities! As part of the event, we held a ‘space day’ for local 7-11 year olds and ran a competition to send an experiment to space. The winning experiment was something we’ve contemplated ourselves in the past – will an unboiled hen’s egg explode spectacularly once exposed to the extreme low pressure of the stratosphere?

To put this to the test, we launched a special Eagle Labs payload with an egg mounted in front of the camera. When our recovery team found the egg in the rapeseed fields of the East of England, only the very bottom of the shell was still attached to the payload! Our team hurried the data cards back to HQ in Sheffield for video analysis… What happened to the egg?

Careful video analysis at HQ revealed that the egg had actually survived its trip to the edge of space, great work Mother Nature! The egg was actually lost as it passed through the rapeseed, captured by just one frame of our 60fps feed.


We’re always looking for more near space experiments to carry out with schools. If you’re interested, why not get in touch with us on education@sentintospace.com?


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