Best sponsors ever?

SentIntoSpace are now sponsoring Tinsley Juniors FC, could a junior football team find a cooler sponsor? To celebrate the ‘launch’ of our partnership, we pulled a few strings (or parachute lines?) and brought the FA Cup to Sheffield!

Back in May 2015 SentIntoSpace launched two FA Cup final tickets from the centre of Wembley Stadium right up into the stratosphere in a ‘finders keepers’ event to promote the match. One lucky Arsenal superfan who had already narrowly missed out on stadium tickets received the tickets after, of all things, his grandmother found the payload while walking her dog in Broadoak, Hastings!

After signing our sponsorship deal with Tinsley Juniors, we ran our own mini FA Cup for Sheffield and Rotherham’s youth teams, in a fantastic twist of fate our own Tinsley Juniors won the tournament and ‘took home’ the Cup.

We’re not kidding… That really is the FA Cup!

The Tinsley U9s have their first game of the 2016/17 season away at Greasborough U9s on the 4th of September, along with the U11s away at Kiveton Park FC and the U12s away at Carlton Knights. A big thank you to all involved, and best of luck to all playing and for the season ahead!the doctors

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