Postcards in space

Sent Into Space has grown a lot over the years, but we still have fond memories of our first launch back in 2010. What is now a thriving company who do a whole range of things began as a hobby project – and it began when Chris and Alex were doing their PhDs at the University of Sheffield.

We still do quite a bit of work with the University, conducting research with professors and coordinating with their outreach team to bring the wonder of space a little closer for local schools and children. When the 100 year anniversary of the Mechanical Engineering department came around, we were asked if we’d like to help them celebrate. We had to say yes!

The department was hosting a week-long exhibition in the Winter Gardens, showcasing all the varied exciting work that had developed out of the department and their graduates. We set up a stall alongside a very futuristic-looking train and asked local children to colour in and write postcards, to be sent through space on one of our flights. At the end of the week, we launched from the roof of John Lewis in Sheffield city centre.

The takeoff shows a breathtaking view of the city and its landmarks from a perspective you’ll rarely see. Meanwhile, this may be one of our most dramatic-looking bursts!

The postcards were retrieved after the launch and have now all been sent out by the University. We hope they inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and astronauts – and we hope the MechEng department have at least another hundred years ahead of them!

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