Our first Kickstarter: The Extra Terrestrial Postal Service!


“Do you feel like Christmas cards have really lost their edge lately? Santa does too. Centuries of tradition boiled down to a twee sketch of a reindeer on a supermarket shelf? Unacceptable.

Sick and tired of the dismal standard of Christmas cards, the big man himself has set up the Extra Terrestrial Postal Service. Inspired by a mysterious package flown in from the outer reaches of the atmosphere by SentIntoSpace, the ETPS will be sending Christmas cards… via space.

We wanted to do something really special this Christmas, and what better way to open up space to the widest audience possible than letting people send all their Christmas cards to space?


We reached out to local artists and designers to create some cards worthy of a trip to space, and Dean Gunn provided us with a great selection of designs.

IOTM May 2016

We wanted to make sending Christmas cards to space as affordable as possible, so to keep costs as reasonable as possible, we needed to send a lot of cards up in one launch to make this feasible! To account for this need to meet a certain number of cards, we are promoting this project through Kickstarter, check it out at http://kck.st/2fuAAvB

We’d love to get this off the ground so please head on over and back our postcards!



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