Fulgurite and Meteorite

Recently the Sentintospace team were commissioned to look at some samples of meteorite and Fulgurite with the aim of showing that this particular meteorite was definitely from space.

Fulgurite is formed by lightning strike fusing silica grains in the ground. They are common around beaches and lakes and can take on a variety of forms. Previously a sample of this “meteorite” has been found to contain fossilised microorganisms so there has been a lot of interest in proving that it is in fact from space!

For our part, we looked at some samples of Fulgurite and the “meteorite” using a scanning electron microscope. Our findings suggest that the suspected meteorite is not of the same form as Fulgurite, and whilst this doesn’t prove an extra-terrestrial origin it does comply with the hypothesis.


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Suspected Meteorite

3 4 14  void25Further study showed the perfectly formed spherical structure embedded in the meteorite to be entirely composed of carbon!

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