One of the great things about working in the near-space industry is how much of the Earth you get to see. This was highlighted just a few weeks ago when Louis and I flew across the Atlantic to get some amazing images from over the Arizona desert.

topofflight (8)The pair of us were out there for a whole two weeks but rest assured the research we were doing kept us busy; there’s no room for passengers on our flights. That said, we did get an opportunity to sample some of the sights of Tucson and its surrounding wilderness, as our holiday snaps will attest:

IMG-20161005-WA0005One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to Biosphere 2. Buillt Built in the late 80s,  Biosphere 2 was an experiment in self-sufficiency, a massive closed biological system designed to recycle water, food, oxygen and waste and even support human life. The eventual goal? Prove the viability of human beings inhabiting another planet. How could we miss it?

biosphere2The full story of Biosphere 2 and the scientists who lived in it for two years is well worth investigating if you’ve got an hour to spare – political rivalries, severed appendages and national newspaper controversies galore! – but since then it’s become a research centre for the University of Arizona, whose ongoing work on climate change and sustainability reminds us of our goal at Sent Into Space: bringing the wonder of science and space a little closer for everyone.

The American flag is everywhere

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