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    Flight to 34 km
    If you know South Australia – flight from Paris Creek eastwards to Lameroo.
    Vision in the video of Lake Alexandrina, the Murray River, the Southern Ocean.
    Turbulance in the video around 10 km up.

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    Hi there,


    Your video is fantastic, inspiring footage. We are looking at trying a launch in Victoria, can you advise what kit ( what size balloon ect) you used for your launch please?

    Thank you

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    We purchased the advanced launch kit. This comes with the extra large balloon (2000 g). It also comes with a SPOT Satellite tracker that worked well. We also purchased from Jaycar a separate SMS tracking device for use with 3G/4G network and this gave us our best and most immediate location of our balloon when we set about recovering it. So, use both devices would be my recommendation for the added security it gives. We also purchased an antenna for use with our mobile phone (attaches via an induction lead) from Jaycar. We chose not to fly on days when we looked to be flying into an area without sufficient mobile phone coverage.

    The sent into space kit contained lovely woven cord that ties together beautifully. Really nice. However, we didn’t use this as it looked to be too strong. CASA wanted us to use cord that had a breaking strain of around 210 N (ie. breaks when a 21 kg load is placed on it). We used fishing line instead that had a breaking strain of around 130 N (I think it was).

    I didn’t price these things separately but from sent into space website the following are must haves: balloon, spot tracker, parachute, radar reflector, foam payload box.

    The cost of CASA registration, purchase of cameras (2 x) each with additional memory and extra backpack batteries, antenna, SMS locator device, and online subscription fees to SMS locator and Spot locator devices all added very significantly to the price. The gas was much cheaper than I thought it ever would be – used 2 x E cylinders to fill the balloon.

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