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    I have just got my kit and getting ready for a launch, I installed the camera in the box, but then had to cut more away as it was blocking the view because of the wide angle lens, also had to cut some away to get to the power button, its now very thin in places and worried this will not keep the cold out.
    So would it be better to have the camera on the outside in the waterproof case and supply power from inside ? with no big holes cut in the box this will keep the cold out and my external battery will last longer.

    Many Thanks


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    Hi Robert, the optimal location for your camera depends somewhat on the model you’re using. If you’ve already modified the payload to suit the camera you’re using, the simplest approach is probably to add additional insulating material to the outside of the payload. Even a few millimetres of foam will have a significant impact. You can simply glue it on and cover the outside surface with duct tape to secure and add even more insulation. Hope that helps! If you have any more questions just let us know. Alex

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    Thanks, I decided to try a different canera, I like the round bullet ones as nice and easy to just cut a round hole, have tested them ouside and seem to be same sort of quality as the go pro, so have put 2 in the payload.

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    Hi Robert,

    A good test of the cameras is how long they can film for in a freezer. The internal temp of the payload should be about -10 at the lowest if it’s properly sealed, so a freezer test will give you a good indication of the likely life expectancy of a camera during the actual flight.

    Let us know how it goes!


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