Teaching Resources

dog launch

We’ve put together some teaching resources to cover the main scientific outcomes of a near space project. Where possible, we’ve also tied in to the curriculum for each age group along with other ideas to cover the scientific aspects of the flight.

There are presentations to cover each topic along with lesson plans and worksheets. We’re regularly adding to and amending the list and if you feel there is something missing that you’d like to see, please do get in touch.

If you’ve bought a kit from us, everything can be downloaded for free and modified to suit your needs. If you just want the lesson plans, contact us and we can give you a price for just that! Once we’ve verified your purchase you’ll be sent a download link to the email address used to access all of the available resources.

Lesson plans marked with * are coming soon!

Some PowerPoints contain YouTube videos which will require that you have Shockwave Flash installed.

    • Doing an experiment
    • Solids, liquids, gases
    • Water cycle
    • Gravity
    • Light
    • Air resistance
    • Insulation
    • Temperature and water (*)
    • Forces (*)
    • The Earth and moon (*)

    Under 12

    • Heat and energy
    • The solar system
    • Radio waves
    • Gas pressures
    • Mass weight and gravity
    • Laws of motion
    • Velocity + acceleration
    • Falling objects
    • Relative velocity
    • Satellites

    13 - 16

    • Mechanics/motion (*)
    • Free fall (*)
    • Forces (*)
    • Drag + terminal velocity (*)
    • Gravitational fields (*)
    • Ideal gases (*)

    17 Up