Advanced Techniques

Video Editing

We offer an in-house video editing service to get you the final product you require. An example of our work can be seen here below:

360 Video

The closest you’ll get to being in space without leaving the ground

Our Sentintospace engineers can deliver you and your clients a virtual reality experience like no other. Full 360 video in glorious 4k can be achieved with our new and improved bespoke set up, designed to deliver performance in the harsh conditions of space. We can even put your product into the centre shot to give the feeling of being right up there with it. Pictures say more than words ever could when it comes to fully immersive content. The video below is best viewed with a VR headset or smartphone.

Brace yourself, you’re in for a ride

 Live Streaming

Ever wanted to see what it’s like up in space right now? Flights can be equipped with our tailor made technology to deliver breath-taking images in real time. If you’re looking for a way to engage with your audience, what could be better than showing them the world from way above, live.