Case study 3 – Xbox

The Halo series for Xbox is a hugely popular military sci-fi first person shooter video game selling over 65 million copies worldwide. With great and popular games come so called “super fans” and we only need look to Japan for some of the biggest. Clocking in at way over 10,000 hours of play, user Sandwhichy is surely one of the biggest gamers on the planet and Xbox wanted to celebrate his achievement with a mission to space.

The launch took place from the alien looking Bardenas Reales in Spain, and was so successful that the head of brand marketing for Xbox (Greater Asia region) quickly commissioned several more launches to assist with the new Halo5:Guardians product launch.


For our final launch for Xbox we wanted to do something special. A 360 virtual reality experience!

We launched a spaceship and our custom made 360 camera rig to give the viewer the feeling of being right up there with it. As with all of our launches, we like to think the result speaks for itself.

360 edit

Following the series of launches, we received some kind words from the head of brand marketing for Xbox’s Greater Asia region, Kumar Manix.

“Great professionalism and commitment from the team to deliver
an amazing activation for Xbox, Halo 5:Guardians and our fans”