Case study 2 – Specsavers

Our team were approached by the wonderful people at Specsavers with a detailed mission briefing: “Put our teddy into space”

The campaign promotes an offer for two free pairs of kids glasses when you buy one pair and features all of the creative ways in which children lose their glasses: Falling off a boat, left in a sushi bar, eaten by a giraffe or put onto a teddy bear named Jerri and sent into space attached to a bunch of party balloons.

Following the launch and video production a number of seven second snippets were posted as teasers to the Specsavers social media channels each one rapidly gaining tens of thousands of views

The hashtag #TeddyInSpace was used throughout the campaign which helped to drive interest through various social media channels and before too long the TV ad campaign was launched primetime Saturday night on UK television networks. Billboards appeared around the country featuring the bespectacled bear floating through space and the advert was released on Youtube, quickly conquering half a million views alone.

We’re really proud of this project and it’s a pleasure to be able to work our magic on such a widely renowned ad campaign.