Thursday, 30 November, 2017

Sent Into Space has grown a lot over the years, but we still have fond memories of our first launch back in 2010. What is now a thriving company who do a whole range of things began as a hobby … Continue reading

Wednesday, 22 November, 2017

A few weeks ago, we were approached by the team from ITV, asking for our help with a great cause. Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield, stars of This Morning, have been running the Be Kind campaign on ITV over the … Continue reading

Monday, 25 September, 2017

Since we featured on Dragon’s Den, we’ve had an influx of inquiries about the Ascension service – how it works, whether it’s safe, what our availability is and how much it costs, to name a few. We wanted to give … Continue reading

Thursday, 11 May, 2017

Back in March, we got involved in the launch of the Sheffield branch of Barclay’s Eagle labs project. We met some fantastic people in the Sheffield engineering scene and got a big boost to our 3D printing capabilities! As part … Continue reading

Tuesday, 14 February, 2017

Our Classtronauts visits aren’t just about launching balloons. We teach all kinds of lessons about the troposphere, the stratosphere and the other layers of the atmosphere. It presents a great opportunity to tie in other topics like climate change, electromagnetism … Continue reading

Thursday, 2 February, 2017

When it comes to school mascots, we’ve seen bears and dogs and Lego men all brave the vacuum and extreme cold of space on our Classtronauts launches. However, last week broke new ground as we sent our very first amphibian … Continue reading

Monday, 9 January, 2017

Last month, we launched a meat and potato pie to the very edge of space to promote the World Pie Eating Championships which took place in Wigan in December. You may have seen the video already – it hit the … Continue reading

Monday, 5 December, 2016

At SentIntoSpace we pride ourselves on our 100% recovery rate. We’ve never conducted a launch and not gotten our payload back one way or another. Of course, not every landing is a simple process, and over the years we’ve had … Continue reading

Tuesday, 25 October, 2016

One of the great things about working in the near-space industry is how much of the Earth you get to see. This was highlighted just a few weeks ago when Louis and I flew across the Atlantic to get some … Continue reading

Wednesday, 11 May, 2016

Our mission at Sent Into Space is to bring the majesty of space a little closer to everyone, with the hope of inspiring a passion for space research and exploration in future generations. That’s why we run our Classtronauts program … Continue reading